1. 3D Turn-o-trope – Basic Operation

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0. Introduction

2. The Conversion Overview

3. The Conversion Details

4. Main Components

5. Schematics

6. Arduino Code


AC Power

connect to regular 110V AC power

this is the black cord coming out of the back of the unit

Strobe LED connector

phone-style connector for external strobe pulse LED (modified to operate on 12V)

located on the right side of the unit

USB cable

optional connection of internal Arduino board to computer

use Arduino software to modify and monitor code


Power ON/OFF

main power switch; positive feedback through green status LED

located on the right side of the unit

Control box

located on the right side of the unit

Strobe Frequency

when in manual mode this will allow to set the strobe frequency

Manual/Auto Mode

in manual mode strobe frequency is not synced to turntable

in auto mode the optical cartridge will try to synchronize the strobe signal with black markings on the bottom of the turntable

Rotation Speed

controls the rotation speed of the turntable; about 10 – 100rpm(?)

Turntable ON/OFF

starts/stops the turntable

Status LEDs

Status indicator LEDs

Power on (GREEN)

Auto Mode (RED)

Manual Mode (BLUE)

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