Gefährliche Fracht nach Andromeda

(in German)


The title of this last, most elaborate and never finished comic story in English is “Dangerous Cargo to Andromeda”. It was planned as a continuation of the German version of The Shrinking Planet and I had all sorts of profound revelations and plot surprises planned…..


One remarkable thing was the spaceship, called Pilgrim. I can’t remember when that general shape first popped up. Maybe random doodlings from 6th grade. It surfaced again when I tried out the utterly primitive GEMDraw on my brand new Atari ST computer in the early 1980s. And then, when I started writing music towards a career in film music, I needed a little space-themed animation. That was around 1999. While the film music path remained obscured the Pilgrim reappeared in an animation called Architects of Deep Reality which then was remade as a trailer for the (still upcoming) movie called Engineers of Deep Reality. The movie has nothing in common with the comic except for the Pilgrim.


Read the comic here.