developed on MacOSX, tested on MacOSX, Windows XP & Windows 7

What does it do?

AxisLock allows you to prevent the movement of an object on X, Y and Z axes. Therefore objects can be ‘frozen’ in place. X, Y and Z locks can be individually disabled or enabled. Object is locked in respect to its parent object.

How to use it

Select the object you want to lock. From the Tags menu in the Object Manager select AxisLock. This works much like the X/Y/Z-Axis restriction buttons from the Tools menu. Except AxisLock only affects the object it is attached to. Here is a detailed manual which is also included in the download.


Unzip the AxisLock file if necessary.
Drag the folder named ‘AxisLock’ to the Cinema 4D plugins folder.
(This may ask you for your administrator password)


Drag the ‘AxisLock’ folder out of the plugins folder for temporary removal or to the trash.
(This may ask you for your administrator password)


You can download and use this plugin for free at your own risk!


for C4D R12 Mac & Windows
for C4D R15 Mac & Windows