developed and tested on Mac OSX 10.6.7 for C4D R12)

What can it be used for?

This plugin can be used whenever you need to synchronize animations of objects with actions taking place in a movie file used by a material. Imagine this scene:
On a TV set we can see an exercise video playing back. A 3D character is supposed to dance in sync with the movie on the TV screen.
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written on MacOSX, tested on MacOSX, Windows 7 and Windows XP

What does it do?

With this plugin you can align one object to the left, middle or right of another object along the X, Y, Z axis.
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developed on MacOSX, tested on MacOSX, Windows XP & Windows 7

What does it do?

AxisLock allows you to prevent the movement of an object on X, Y and Z axes. Therefore objects can be ‘frozen’ in place. X, Y and Z locks can be individually disabled or enabled. Object is locked in respect to its parent object.
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(in German)


This comic is dedicated to my father, Adi Kienle, who passed away on the first day of 2014. He was quite an actor and could crack very funny jokes – especially in his mixture of american english and his home dialect of “schwäbisch” (leading to the entertaining hybrid called schwenglish, which we also use in our house.)

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