(in German)


This comic is dedicated to my father, Adi Kienle, who passed away on the first day of 2014. He was quite an actor and could crack very funny jokes – especially in his mixture of american english and his home dialect of “schwäbisch” (leading to the entertaining hybrid called schwenglish, which we also use in our house.)

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Die Menschliche Alternative

(in German)


It’s surprising that even in 1980, when this strange pamphlet was created, I was very interested in energy savings and alternative ways to produce it. There is no story here, just some hot air. But I do remember an episode of Mythbusters where a fart was successfully set on fire. So it’s not totally off the mark.

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Der Schrumpelplanet

(in German)


This is a re-telling/re-imagining of the very first comic I made, The Shrinking Planet. Considering that this was made at the peak of my abilities shows clearly why a career as comic creator was out of the question. Although the basic story idea is not much worse than a lot of other material I was exposed to in the early 1980s, the stuff that happens is pretty un-scientific.

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The Shrinking Planet

(in bad English)


This was the first real story I tried to draw up as a comic. Before, my friend Klaus and I would draw short picture stories featuring a character looking a little like the animated inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther cartoons.

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